Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

By: Matthew Bento Jr.

If you’re an old Power Rangers fan, you’ve come to the right place! Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is the 30th season of the Power Rangers, directed by Charlie Haskell and Michael Hurst. It aired in the year of Power Ranger’s 30th anniversary, making it all the more special.

Synopsis: The Dino Fury Rangers face a new threat with Lord Zedd’s (Fred Tatasciore) return with a new army to begin an intergalactic war. Now the Rangers must unlock new powers, new Zords, and new allies to stop Zedd’s scheme. To help them on their adventure is the original Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston (David Yost), The Ninja Steel Rangers’ old ally, Mick Kanic (Kelson Henderson), and even two new Rangers!

Review: This was a fantastic season for the 30th anniversary and did do the series justice after the monstrosity that was Power Rangers Megaforce. I adored the writing and how they went all in on continuity and a more serious tone. They brought back old characters and actors that filled me with tons of nostalgia. 

They showed us the consequences and losses of war. The action was also pretty great but was mostly outshined by the story itself. And the theme song still rocks.

Writing: 7/7

Acting:  7/7

Action: 6/7

Theme Song: 7/7